Our equipment


Very light, comfortable and suitable to the aquatic environment.


Neoprene with 5/4 mm thick, inside part in titanium, mega-stretch and perfect body shape adjustment to give you a great freedom of movement, lightness, comfort, thermal stability and water sealing.

Chest zip, liquid seal in the seams and adjusted collar to avoid ingress of water.

Specific wetsuit for ladies.

Canyoning boots "Five ten" or "Adidas Hydro".

The world's best boots to practice Canyoning, with the super sticky "stealth" sole and high stability in the ankle area, gives a great comfort and safety to the practitioner.


Lightweight, comfortable, with rear protection and double sling. Meet the standards EN 12277, CE 1019 e UIAA.

Wet socks 3mm thick

The feet are the body part that have the most contact with the water during the practice of canyoning. The use of neoprene socks is crucial for thermal stability of our body.

Neoprene gloves

Provided on the coldest days, usually in winter.

Canyoning bags and watertight barrels

If you want to carry food, drinks and objects that can not be wet.